Thursday, August 11, 2005


"Is there something I should know ... about lowercase L'ers?" as Duran Duran might ask. What is it with the word "PlEASE" and lowercase L? I think that most handwritten signs are requests, so it is only natural to be polite.

Found on the doors of a Herald Square building in Manhattan, this is an exceptional lowercase L sighting, because the author posted not one, but two signs that read the same, ... except for the upper and lowercase arrangement of letters! You will notice that the first sign (above) contains the coveted lowercase L in a word with all uppercase letters, but the second photo has an uppercase L in a word with an odd lowercase "e". Also notice "step" and "STep", and how the first "Attention" is not as attention-grabbing as the second, more appropriately uppercase "ATTENTION"!

The author of these signs seems to be struggling with the use of upper and lowercase letters, possibly a sign of split personality and other psychoses. Not to mention the poorly planned "watch" (top photo), precariously close to the edge of the sign, obviously squeezed in after overestimating the remaining space. We are definitely dealing with a loose cannon here. If you happen to know this person, PlEASE watch your step!
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