Saturday, June 23, 2007


Submitted by Ryan And Nancy in South Bend, Indiana:
I have been driving by the attached sign on Portage Road in South Bend Indiana for a couple weeks. Before this there was a perpetual garage sale until a major rain storm, then everything was free...

Then this sad sign... no phone number, it is on the lot line between two houses.

As we drive past once again I point out the odd sign to my wife Nancy who took the picture...

'no that is a G.'
'Oh FREE BEAGIE. What is a beagie?'
'I think that is FREE BEAGlE, you know snoopy dog.'
"take a picture"
"take a picture"

Of course doing a google on beagie has many dogs with that name... so is this a dog looking for a new owner or is there a dog in jail somewhere?

This is the worst case of misspelling BEAGLE since Charlie Brown screwed it up in that spelling bee.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


"Skittles" submits this "eerie" lakeside epitaph and explains,
This was taken by the Michigan Lake where signs of "Danger: Shallow Water" and "No Swimming" were all around.

I wonder if Nathan David Weiss would find comfort in the fact that double lowercase L's written within otherwise entirely uppercase words is a fairly common occurrence, and is not nearly as confusing as a single lowercase L.

I also like the lowercase T's that look like plus signs ... BU+ NO+

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reduced PlANTS

Kerrie in Lubbock, Texas submits this fine flora faux pas, the second wilted PlANT in a week! Kerrie writes:
Attached is a camera phone pic I took at my local Wal-Mart Supercenter (Lubbock, TX). Ironically, I took it on Friday, June 8, which looks like the same day you posted the sign on the 'Not for SAle' plant. Must have been a red letter lowercase 'l' day for plants - ha. Hope you enjoy it.

Reduced PlANT, indeed! With the L reduced to the lower case, looking so much like "piants", I was expecting 3.14 ants to be crawling around in the parking lot.

Friday, June 08, 2007


As I waited in the checkout lane at the Key Food grocery store on 7th Ave. here in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I was disappointed by the concoction of upper and lowercase letters as written on the potted plant, which read "Not ForSAle". Not because I wanted to buy the plant, but because it was just another reminder that lowercase L freaks are slowly taking over the world. Admittedly, this example strays from the rules for a proper lowercase L event, because the "e" following the lowercase L in SAle is also lower case. But since all the upper and lowercase letters were written as the same size, and the lowercase L follows two uppercase letters, the sign is mildly confusing.

The plant that was "Not For SAle" ... priceless.

Monday, June 04, 2007

BlOG of Note

While still away on business in lONDON, I am pleased to have learned that lowercase L has been named the Blogs of Note blog for Monday, June 04, 2007! Blogs of Note, which is an official Blogger product, posts a daily list of "Interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the Blogger Team."