Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little MUSSElS

Brooklyn neighbor, Skooter, believes there may be a very meta lowercase L Conspiracy conspiracy, deeper than I ever would have imagined:

I saw this today at Double Windsor on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn. A few thoughts: didn't they notice the problem with "garlic," when there was the lowercase "l" next to the capital "I"? How come "SPECIALS" is capitalized correctly? Considering this is a literate bar with a nerdy/yuppie clientele in Brownstone Brooklyn, is it at all possible that they did this intentionally in order to bait "lowercase l"?
Skooter makes a good point. Most lowercase L offenders would get SPECIAlS wrong, but that is not the case here.  Instead we are treated to more subtle lowercase L errors as we read on, including MUSSElS, GARlIC (bonus for the lowercase L followed by the uppercase i!), Spicy HEIRlOOM Tomato, Beet SAlAD w/ ARUGUlA, OMElETTE ... a literal buffet of lowercase L's to chose from!  And, impressively, other than the lowercase L's, everything seems to be spelled correctly, even the more exotic words that could easily have been misspelled by even the most highly qualified waitstaff: ARUGUlA, pistachios, Parmesan, and Nueske bacon.

This may be the best example of lowercase L abuse yet.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

BEST GRAMMAR BlOG? have announced the Contest for the Best Grammar BlOG of 2011, and have nominated lowercase L as a contestant.

You can help raise lowercase L awareness by voting for as your favorite grammar blog. If we receives 5 votes, we have a chance at winning a prize.  All proceeds will go toward lowercase L research, with the hopes of one day understanding this disturbing phenomenon, and, eventually, finding a cure.

Thank you for your support,

Founder, lowercase L


Jump to the 6:31 mark

James Rolfe, a.k.a. The Angry Video Game Nerd, reviews poorly designed video games.  In his relatable review of the classic NES game sequel, CASTlEVANIA II: Simon's Quest, not only does AVGN describe this game as being one of the worst designed ever, he brings up a legitimate point about the confusing use of lowercase letters—especially the lowercase L—in passwords. At the 6:31 mark:

In general I hate games that have passwords like this, because sometimes they have uppercase and lowercase letters.  Like the L's, you know, look like i's, the zeroes look like O's, the 8's look like 5's, so, you know, why does there have to be so many digits?  You know, like, why can't it just be numbers or something? Like, you know, just numbers and not letters?  I mean, it takes me like 5 minutes to enter this code when it should only take like 5 seconds.  It's friggin' stupid.
Game over, dude! I couldn't have said it better myself, AVGN.

Monday, September 12, 2011


From the award winning animated short movie website, "FACElESS NEIL is a dark comedy for children about friendship and gentle monsters." Rated inappropriate for young children because of the flagrant use of confusing lowercase L's that look like slashes.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

lOTT of lowercase L's

Rimpy Returns with FlOWER BOUQUETS for the long holiday weekend, discovered on lOTT RD.  And that's a lOTT of lowercase L's where there should be uppercase.