Wednesday, April 08, 2009


FORE! Jo and Kevin Hawke found this readerboard sign in front of the Squire Armory in Danville, Virginia. The photos represent BOTH sides of the sign, so it's no fluke.

The frequency of lowercase L's used in lieu of uppercase L's on readerboards makes me wonder if the readerboard manufacturers simply don't distribute enough uppercase L's in the packages, and maybe it's not the fault of the sign authors.

Sign up? Unfortunately, this should be a sign down.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


I found these handwritten cards to advertise desserts at Crest Café, a small coffee house in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They all looked great: BlUE CRUMB MUFFIN, AlMOND CROISSANT, PINEAPPlE COCONUt MUFFIN, and CHOCOlATE CHOC CHIP. Too bad I'll never know just how tasty they might have been, as I suddenly lost my appetite.

I had forgotten my camera, so thanks for snapping these photos, Trish!