Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ClOSE to Home

I wasn't looking forward to venturing out into the freezing cold today, but my elderly neighbor Bob was all out of cigarettes and could not find the strength to go to the store himself. So on my way out, just a few paces in front of me, what do I see flapping in the wind? These two orange signs, "ROAD ClOSED" on both corners of the street. I imagine the road will be closed for a film crew, as they often shoot movies and commercials in this picturesque neighborhood called Park Slope. But this one hits way too ClOSE for comfort. What are the odds that a perfect example of lowercase L misuse, printed on not one, but two signs, would present itself just footsteps away from my home? Now I'm quite sure there is a conspiracy, and Hollywood is in on it.

Could this be the work of the same street sign author who penned this orange monstrosity in Manhattan?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A little HElP?

Submitted by lowercase L fan, "MacMan" Jeremy:
I apologize for the crummy quality of my digital camera [..], but the HElP is pretty clear. My wife was getting mad at me for taking a picture and the light turned green, so I was under considerable pressure. I have had many other sightings here in Eugene, but have been too far away to get a good picture, plus my wife doesn't approve of me taking pictures of bums :( (Not even hers!)

Jeremy's wife may have a problem with photographing homeless people, but I don't. Not when it comes to lowercase L's. And protecting the country.

Aisle ClOSED

Found in a grocery store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, these two check-out lanes were ClOSED to customers ... and sanity. Apparently a single employee was put in charge of writing warnings on these conveyor belt blocks, but it looks like they picked the wrong man for the job. Maybe he should go back to stocking shelves or bagging, or living in a hole in the ground. If I ever find the anarchist bastard who did this, they're going to need a ClEANUP IN AISlE 11.


Happy New Year, lowercase L enthusiasts! I just got back from nearly a month abroad in Israel, only to find that this lowercase L blog has been listed on as "the best niche blog yet"! So I figured I'd better get back to posting.

I'll start off 2007 with a photo I took shortly before I left for Israel. The difference between L's and i's should be as clear as day and night, but this menu board from Night & Day on 5th Avenue here in Park Slope proves this isn't always the case. Perhaps the author was raised in the WIlD, because no civilized human would write like that.