Friday, April 23, 2010


Rimpy Rimpington may have quit his job at Home Depot, but that doesn't mean I've gotten around to posting every photo he's ever submitted.  So here's a new product, a product so new I never heard of it.  It's a SIMPlE MAT.  If you're confused, read further for the explanation: it can be used for backsplashes / countertops.  Oddly, and unrelated to lowercase L's, I thought that was BACKSLASHES, followed by an incorrectly used forward slash "/".

See also: SIMPlE SYRUP

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Rimpy Rimpington said...

My pride compels me to point out that I didn't quit, I was downsized. And actually, I think I snapped this one after the downsizing, when I was just another customer with a cell phone camera. So, the HD posts don't necessarily have to end. Woo!