Friday, April 16, 2010


Iwan from Caernarfon reports to lowercaseL with this QUADRUPLE-l Tale of Wales:
Was having a pint on Saturday at one my favourite local pubs, Y Bachgen Du in Caernarfon (in north Wales), when I noticed their exciting new menu on the wall.

Had been drinking all day to celebrate Wales winnning the Triple Crown in the 6 Nations rugby tournament... so I took a snap to make sure they really were selling CHIllI (with steamed rice).

Wasn't brave enough to try any - I fancied a saiad myself, but as you can see they only did salads. Ended up having some chips. Very nice they were too.
Nice try, ye olde Tafarn, but the dotted uppercase i's don't help. I expect this sort of nonsense from CHIlE, but from WAlES? Seriously, you are tarnishing the reputation of the BlACK BOY INN.

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