Sunday, February 03, 2008


Adrian B. found this lukewarm lowercase L lager in Debrecen, Hungary, next to a shop door. I've been informed that STEFFl is a well-known beer brand in Hungary, and calling the beer "Steffi" is a mistake only an American would make. I wonder how many guys have walked in thinking they could get a cheap date, only to end up stifled by Steffl?


Michele Boselli said...

this is a great funny bLog about this thing which has aLways made me mad.

since you are so deepLy interested in the matter, this may be a usefuL info about the Turkish "I". they have two in their Latin aLphabet: the one without the dot over it sounds Like in "bUt", whiLe if they want to sound Like our western "I" they put a dot over it, both in Lower and UPPER case, so that they actuaLLy have two Is.

i - repeat: i - hope this information is usefuL for your research and documentation of the scandaLous issue you are strenuosLy denouncing, and rightLy so.

i'M not Turkish but an itaLian Living in London, and i've given a Link to your bLog: visit mine and see if you Like to reciprocate.


Anonymous said...

In this, it's not just a problem with lowercase L. Even when it's legitimately lowercase, people (Americans, at least) always seem to want to make the "l" an "i". My surname is "Steffl", and I can't tell you the number of times my name gets mangled into "Steffi".

Anonymous said...

ditto to anonymous.. My last name is SteffL. and people always mistake it for steffi. Very annoying! When filling out forms/paperwork I usually make the letter l capitalized so it actually looks like an L.


Joe Lie said...

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