Monday, October 15, 2007


With the popularity of Facebook apps like Graffiti, it's not surprising that lowercase L's are beginning to surface in our virtual social networks. Submitted by "Gez", this simulated spray painted message to a ClASSY BITCH of a friend is doubly insulting with the neglectful lowercase L.

Similarly, here is a nice Craigslist personal ad for men seeking men in Portland, submitted by Johnny J.:

How can you trust people you meet online, especially if they exhibit carelessness in their usage of lowercase L's?

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Gez said...

What's with the quotation marks around my name? I should report you to the blog of unnecessary quotation marks, or did you think I was reporting lowercase Ls under a pseudonym?

Anyway, I love the blog and have you listed as a friend over at GrammarBlog. [/unsubtle hint]