Monday, July 09, 2007


A big SHAlOM to lowercase L reader and Mets fan, EstoEric, who sent in this perfect example of lowercase L misuse, in transliterated Hebrew! EstoEric wrote:
From a recent Shea Stadium game; for Jewish player Shawn Green. Green hit a home run to win the game!

Judging from the size of the paper this fellow's carefully cut out letters are glued to, and the very tight kerning between the A and W in SHAWN, I'd say there was a slight miscalculation of how much space he had to work with.

I wonder if this L abomination was enough to turn EstoEric to the Yankees?


Missy said...

Oh I suppose he meant well. He could have bent the M off the page.

Skittles said...

ooohhh..good one!

marcel said...

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Rambling Prose said...

Id' have to agree with the miscalculation theory..

oddLy enough, this site is giving me a good old giggLe..

What is the procedure in sending a photo in if by chance I happen upon one?