Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Half Off SAlE

There's a Starbucks at every corner, but this broken wooden block letter SAlE sign is a rare treat. The lower leg of the capital L broke in just the right place to make it look like an uppercase i.

Funny story, as I was taking this photo outside the Starbucks on 7th Ave. here in Park Slope, Brooklyn, a young employee came rushing out, waving his hand in front of my camera, "Sir, you can't take photos of the store!" I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. Even after I pointed out that I was on a public sidewalk and could take a photo of anything I saw, he insisted that it was store policy to not allow photos inside or outside Starbucks. It was a slow day, so I told him to prove this obscure policy to me. He went inside to get the manager while I waited outside. When he came back out, sans manager, he scowled, "The manager is too busy, it's your lucky day."

It was my lucky day ... My first wooden lowercase L block letter!
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