Sunday, February 26, 2006

An APPlE a Day

Yet another find in my nabe Park Slope, Brooklyn, you can experience the taste of the orient with a bite of a Fuji APPlE at this 7th Ave. bodega. The lowercase L, looking like an "I", made me think this was an abbreviation for APPLE PIE, so I was confused to see nothing but apples in the bin above. Hence the danger of using lowercase L.

This is not the first bad APPlE to be mentioned on this site. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but an APPlE with any frequency may require a visit from a psychologist with a background in dysgraphia.


Jennifer said...

haha... saw you linked on apostrophe catastrope blog... this is interesting as i do not believe i have ever noticed lowercase L's (or would that be Ls?) used like this... i have seen them put in words where they do not belong!!!

At the grocery store, the customer service desk has a sign up about the "lottery drawling".

i wonder if there is a blog dedicated to the lowercase I since a lot of people don't capitalize them... like me.. (sometimes I do and sometimes i don't... depends on how lazy i feel).

cool blog!

Nancy said...

It's very refreshing to see someone else concerned with this! The whole lowercase l disease grates my nerves, as does the throngs of folks in charge of signs who don't understand the art of the apostrophe.

No joke, there used to be a sign at a local deli that stated:

Please pay for you're newspaper's before taking.

AAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Love your blog -- I'm a former Brooklynite myself, rock on!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cheapest apples I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...


That's a cute subject for a blog, man. Saw your blog in Yahoo! Weekly Picks. You must be a proud owner of very curious eyes.

I will link your blog to mine in the next couple of days.


Ben said...

Wow man that's like the best idea for a blog, ever.
You get in my links right away!