Sunday, September 06, 2015

Birthday Surprise

My birthday was on Friday. Before enjoying a quiet Shabbat meal together, my wife and I went out for an evening stroll. When we returned, I found the above note on the ground in a cellophane wrapper along with a white envelope lying on the ground in front of our building, addressed to no one. So I opened it. Seems it was meant for me after all:

It took me several hours to finally concede that this was a mere coincidence and not a birthday card from a secret admirer. Yes, there is the obvious flaw with FlAWlESS, but hardcore lowercase L fans may remember this 2007 New York Times article by Emily Brady, "A FlAW HE CAN'T OVERLOOK."

A kind and flattering message that, after some consideration, seems more like a creepy stalkerish threat.



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