Sunday, November 03, 2013

SlAB results

Nothing sounds more appealing than a Fresh HOT SlAB of BABY BACK RIBS Right off THE GRILL, all for just $10.99!  Leslie in Denton, Texas discovered this mouthwatering deal at the local Kroger, where, she explained, you could watch them GRIll the SlAB right in front of you.  I'm going to let those weak L's in GRILL slide because they have hints of uppercase-ness.  But SlAB?  I knew the day would come.


Jamie Ghione said...

Notice the serifs on the uppercase "I" in GRIll. Kind of ironic?

William Levin said...

Serifs = subconscious overcompensation for the ambiguous lowercase L in SlAB.

Anonymous said...

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