Wednesday, October 09, 2013


The Torah, some bible scholars purport, is composed of several distinct writing styles, and therefore is believed to have been written by multiple authors.  Such may be the case with this post for a 40in. SONY BRAVIA FlATSCREEN TV, discovered by friend Amir Keinan at the corner of Carmine Street and 7th Avenue South in Manhattan.   The first half of the post, ending with "WAllMOUNT INCl." seems to have been written by an author who either suffers from lowercase L dysgraphia, or is an anarchist who no longer wants to pay for cable and is finally catching up with Breaking Bad online.  The second half of the post suddenly shifts gears with properly capitalized L's in FOR SALE $400 CALL VAL. I don't know, should we call VAL and ask her what's up?

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