Thursday, September 02, 2010


A sorry sign from a sister site:
Wonderful sighting recently. We were traveling around to several campuses of our career college system, performing operational reviews and taking tours. The schools are very proud of their accomplishments, especially, their abilities to attract and engage students. Imagine our surprise (and dismay) when our campus in Canton, Michigan boasted about one of their new techniques to draw the attention of prospective students ... they set out this sign - roadside - for all passers by to see. If you ask us, we'd be tempted to enroll just to teach the school how to spell! Yikes ...

NOTE: We did, from HQ, increase his school's budget slightly so they could purchase a couple of "L"s (seeing they had exhausted their supply on this sign).


They may have maxed out with the two sets of double uppercase L's in this readerboard, stating "WE ARE ENROLLING FOR FALL, WAlK-INS WElCOME!"

WAlK-INS is an unexpected recurring lowercase L.


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