Sunday, December 13, 2009


Here's a lowercase L that Sarah Palin would be proud of. This AlASKA backpack was discovered on the FAIl Blog by Kit, who points out:

1. An uppercase L was clearly substituted with an uppercase i.
2. The Canadian flag, for Alaska?
3. Since 1988?

Now, can someone explain the backpack to the left: L HEART NY?


Kalan said...

Absolutely hysterical!!!

Living in Tennessee and having been a writing tutor for several years, I find myself correcting the notes people leave as public notice. One of the most recent ones was in the restroom at work, "Toilet is broke". I corrected it and left a short note about why the toilet was not "broke".

stevethehydra said...

I think this one has also appeared on


Doctor Who loves New York... but only with his left heart?