Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's not uncommon to see the word PlEASE written with a lowercase L and all others uppercase. Even finding it written twice, as with PlEASE PlEASE DO NOT FEED CAT (no, you cannot has cheezburger) isn't such a stretch. But posting a correctional sign next to the offending one takes lowercase L to a new level of vigilance. Thank you, Keegan, for sending in this roadside read, and for reaching out to the offender with the hopes of educating him. And the world.

Though, Keegan, I must admit, I do find it amusing that you, self-appointed Signage Cop, almost had to resort to using a lowercase L in your own street smarts lesson, as you tried to fit CAPITALIZATION on that pretty white sign, but started to extended beyond a reasonable margin of comfort.
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