Saturday, November 08, 2008

Scary as HEll

Yes, indeed, November 4th was not HAllOWEEN, a celebration which actually took place four days earlier. I'm guessing the author got scared and panicked upon realizing there would be no space to write his message, hence the space-saving lowercase L's next to a dotted uppercase i in WIll, u for YOU, and miniaturizing and stacking words at the end of the sentence. I can't help but agree with this sign that Ash found ... our future WIll BE SCARY AS HEll if we, as a people, do not change. And by change, I mean properly change case from lower to upper when using L and i.

Incidentally, I did vote.


Wendebular said...

I initially thought that the 'IF U' was some kind of weird smiley. It's a little scary in itself.

Incidentally, I found a lowercase L in a document that I was proofing at work on Friday. It was in the middle of the acronym 'IELTS' (International English Language Testing System), and all the other letters were capitalised, so it was just ... weird. IElTS.

Jeremy said...

Did you write in Sarah Silverman for President?