Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday, Facebook finally shut down the unauthorized but highly popular SCRABBLE clone, Scrabulous. The new EA Scrabble Beta on Facebook is very flashy, but I'll miss the simple and raw interface of the Scrabulous game. It had its quirks, like Kasey points out in her endgame:
I'm sitting here at work right now playing Scrabulous (kinda like Scrabble only different rules) on Facebook when I noticed a lowercase L!!! If you notice on the right the Last Move is showing as 'CABlE' and when you look at the game board, the red L is where the correct word is.


David said...

I've noticed that before too! It's because they make blank tiles lowercase to set them apart from normal tiles.

Unknown said...

As David said, all of your blanks show up as lowercase letters under the scoring system to distinguish them.