Sunday, August 05, 2007

On a ROll

Having been turned onto the lowercase L craze by his girlfriend, new blog reader Bob H. sent in two superb photos. This one, taken on East Main Street in Marlborough, MA, assures us that the "LOBSTER ROll IS BACK". Besides the deliberate use of uppercase i pieces in place of lowercase L's, this sign also stands out because of the unusual text alignment. It almost looks like the result of a text editor that spaces out sparse words to achieve both left and right justification. And the top words are each center aligned with the word below.

"Pizza & More"? I think we know what the "More" is. It's poor judgement in text assemblage on restaurant signs.


Lessley said...

Two days ago I spotted a sign stating, "SlOW HORSE CROSSING". I couldn't get a picture. Sorry. But your influence is growing... so.... yeah, that's all I have to say.

RichM said...

They're touting their Return On Investment Income, methinks.

waiting-to-exhale said...

They ran out of plastic "L"'s and used "l"'s instead. Happens all the time. The signmakers for the handwritten signs have NO EXCUSE! :)