Saturday, June 23, 2007


Submitted by Ryan And Nancy in South Bend, Indiana:
I have been driving by the attached sign on Portage Road in South Bend Indiana for a couple weeks. Before this there was a perpetual garage sale until a major rain storm, then everything was free...

Then this sad sign... no phone number, it is on the lot line between two houses.

As we drive past once again I point out the odd sign to my wife Nancy who took the picture...

'no that is a G.'
'Oh FREE BEAGIE. What is a beagie?'
'I think that is FREE BEAGlE, you know snoopy dog.'
"take a picture"
"take a picture"

Of course doing a google on beagie has many dogs with that name... so is this a dog looking for a new owner or is there a dog in jail somewhere?

This is the worst case of misspelling BEAGLE since Charlie Brown screwed it up in that spelling bee.


RB said...

Hilarious! Thanks for this blog. I am going to make "FREE BEAGlE" t-shirts to show my support.

Anonymous said...

their discussion of the sign is EXACTLY what went through my head. word for word.

i love this blog.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing - and I need it badly.