Friday, November 10, 2006

license to ill

Submitted by Lilit, this awkward "Dogs and cats need a licence" sign doesn't exactly meet the criteria for a genuine lowercase L offense here, but it is an interesting find nonetheless. Posted on The anti-social event of the season, a blog about kerning, punctuation, and other printed text problems, the author takes umbrage not with a lowercase L amidst uppercase letters, but with an unusually tall lowercase L. Other readers noticed that licence was spelled incorrectly.


Lilit Marcus said...

I think it's spelled right if you're British. But this is AMERICA, bastards!

Wendebular said...

Licence is correct - I think it's a similar verb/noun differentiation to practise vs practice.

We're not all in America!

Anonymous said...

excuse me, that's an American-style area code in the phone number!

Toronto's posed as New York long enough to earn US citizenship.

Anonymous said...

That's clearly a capital lowercase L.