Friday, November 25, 2005

Workout CAlENDAR

Visiting the family for the holiday weekend in my sleepy hometown of Vineland, NJ, lowercase L's were the last thing on my mind, especially after a belly full of Thanksgiving turkey and more in-laws' kids than you could shake a stick at (legally). But once the l-Tryptophan wore off, I joined my sister and mom at the local fitness center. Looks like I can't escape the lowercase L phenomenon, even on holiday. This whiteboard fitness class calendar is in a class all to itself. Notice the two occurrences of SCUlPT, with a normal SCULPT in between. Did the class planner realize his mistake in November 3, correct it in November 10, but go back to his old ways for November 17? I suppose this could be another example of squeezing the L to save space, but the beauty of whiteboard is that you can easily correct your mistakes.

Anyway, I'm glad I caught this gem on the way in, because the shock supercharged my body with adrenalin, and I had a great workout.

And cheers to my blogging mate, PD Berger back in Brooklyn, who also had a fantastic Thanksgiving run!

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Spinning Girl said...

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! The insanity continues!!!