Monday, September 05, 2005

Everything is under CONTROl

Yet another fine submission from our New England reporter, Spinning Girl, this dog house with ANIMAL CONTROl spray painted on its side was spotted outside a kennel in New Milford, CT. At first glance this appears to be a case of poor planning, the author having run out of space before completing his final uppercase L. But I think a more reasonable explanation is that the person who wrote this sign was bitten by a rabid animal--just one of the occupational hazards of animal control--and is now exhibiting the first signs of dementia brought on by the gradual shutdown of the central nervous system. Ending an all uppercase word with a lowercase L is a clear symptom of rabies. Citizens of New Milford, be on the lookout for a rabid animal control zombie carrying a spray paint can, probably attempting to eat your brains.


Spinning Girl said...


Anonymous said...

Looks Like they just ran out of space on the oLd dog house. CouLdnt fit the rest of the "l" on it.