Sunday, July 03, 2005


Please submit your lowercase L sighting photo URLs or attached JPEGs with commentary, location and desired credits (your name as you'd like it to appear, and website if you have one) to

Legal: By submitting information to lowercase L, you grant lowercase L a perpetual, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and otherwise exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to that information at its sole discretion, including storing it on lowercase L servers and incorporating it in other works in any media now known or later developed including without limitation published books.

The criteria for a good lowercase L sighting are simple, though these rules may evolve over time.

First, do not fabricate your own lowercase L signage just to photograph for this blog. Please only submit genuine lowercase L sightings.

The basic qualifier for a lowercase L sighting is a sign containing at least one word consisting of mostly uppercase letters and at least one lowercase L.

Note, the entire sign does not need to be written with all uppercase letters, nor do all the L's need to be lowercase. But the more uppercase letters and the more lowercase L's, the better.

Lowercase L cases are not limited to handwritten signs. Graffiti, printed ads, personal notes and letters also qualify.

HaCkEr \_337 SpEaK does not count.

More rules as I think of them.


Anonymous said...

There's a good pic on from Monday, June 11th.

It's also available here:

Sally said...

I thought that this was just a joke until I saw just what you are talking about for myself! There was a sign in my church that said:


I was astonished to see what had happened! I will look out for more instances of this strange phenomenon!

Anonymous said...

I just received this spam email and thought immediately of lowercase L:

"Tired of feeling self concious about your dlck? Feel that way no longer my friend.

Megasize your unit with Megadlk.

A huge advancement in mens health.
Just some of the benefits include:

*No more finishing too soon.
*Three+ lnches in size gain.
*Better overall feeling of self.
*Full, thick more semls
*More virility, desire.

Best of all your mate will love you for it."

Laura said...

Thanks for this website! I spotted my first lowercase l (since subscribing) over the weekend. A local store was having a "SOFA SAlE." I had a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

err.. wouldn't it be easier to create a flickr group??

Heather said...

I'll try to find time to go and photograph it, but I've seen a sign at a tire shop in town (Austin) that says "WE FIX FlATS." Of course, they could actually be talking about fixing Fiat (the type of car), but seeing how it's at a tire shop I doubt it. It cracks me up every time. Too bad it's on the complete opposite side of town from me.

Staffan said...

A classic is the company Locum that on their xmas cars replaced the o with a heart and since their name was written entirely in lower case you can guess the result.
Picture at

Anonymous said...

What about the new branding for Oil of OlAY?

If that doesnt take the cake I dont know what does.

chrichri said...

Hey Breadman, it's Chris of the 12 Chickens. Someone posted a link to this blog and I was sorta surprised to find it was yours, but not really. Since it is, I am compelled to contribute. Here's one at Peabody shoe repair in Nashville, TN. The cobbler there has a reputation for not caring, and I don't blame him.