Monday, October 28, 2013


Lowercase L champions Jeremy Davis and Gary Chapman share credit for reporting this breakup letter that went viral a few months ago.  While I maintain the belief that every one of these snarky viral letters is a fake, the lowercase L AT KElSE'S HOUSE is real.  So, "Honey," you are better off without her.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Gary Chapman, one of the keenest observers in the lowercase L business, makes his comeback with a real money shot.  Upon reading the news, "Vatican misspells Jesus on Pope Francis commemorative coins: Embarrassing gaffe sees Latin inscription call the Christian Messiah 'Lesus'", you might wonder why a typographical error involving an uppercase L, apparently substituted for a J, would qualify for this website.  Only the most experienced lowercase L hunters would recognize that this ungodly gaffe likely occurred when a maladroit minter saw Jesus's name written in Latin, IESVS or Iesus, and misinterpreted the uppercase i to be a lowercase L.

I blame the IllVMINATI for this, and all lowercase L dissent.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


The Torah, some bible scholars purport, is composed of several distinct writing styles, and therefore is believed to have been written by multiple authors.  Such may be the case with this post for a 40in. SONY BRAVIA FlATSCREEN TV, discovered by friend Amir Keinan at the corner of Carmine Street and 7th Avenue South in Manhattan.   The first half of the post, ending with "WAllMOUNT INCl." seems to have been written by an author who either suffers from lowercase L dysgraphia, or is an anarchist who no longer wants to pay for cable and is finally catching up with Breaking Bad online.  The second half of the post suddenly shifts gears with properly capitalized L's in FOR SALE $400 CALL VAL. I don't know, should we call VAL and ask her what's up?

Sunday, October 06, 2013


James Franco is popping up everywhere in the media. Apparently he was in ten movies in 2013 that I never heard of, plus a guest appearance on two episodes of The Mindy Project and a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show.  And now, as Joe Clark points out, he's making his #lowercaseL debut via Twitter and Instagram!  I suppose I'm looking forward to checking out "Logan marshal green in AS I lAY DYING!" on October 11, as Franco suggests with a tweet, especially since I liked Marshall-Green as Charlie Holloway in Prometheus.  I'm also looking forward to Franco issuing a public apology and explanation for how the HEll he managed to switch off CAPS-LOCK on his iPhone mid-Tweet.  Now I'm skeptical about the release date, too—he may have actually meant October LL,  Roman numerals for 50+50, or October 100, which is not for a while.

Thursday, October 03, 2013


Fellow ROI (that's Roi, not R-Zero-lowercase L) Community member Shai Davis pointed out these unbalanced words of wisdom on the popular 9GAG photo blog.  Does this count as a true example of lowercase L, Shai asks, even though the sentence contains only lowercase L's and lowercase i's, besides the other uppercase letters?  YES! Especially since those lowercase L's are in different words than the lowercase i's.

While it may be true that A BAlANCED DiET iS A GlASS OF WiNE iN EACH HAND, our disturbed scribe at (I think) CafĂ© ONS should also note that a balanced sentence contains appropriately capitalized L's and i's, especially when used in the context of all uppercase letters.  Perhaps our bibulous scribbler already had a glass of wine in each hand while writing this sign.

I think collaboration earns Shai an ROI Micro Grant!