Friday, May 21, 2010


JUlIA had this to say in the wake of destruction:
I live on Tutuila, the main island of American Samoa. My island was hit by a tsunami last September. One of the villages that was hit the hardest is Poloa. I spent Saturday at the beach there and spotted this lowercase L on the side of the school. It looks like MAIN BID, but it's supposed to be short for building. The other buildings at the school were labeled too, but not with lowercase L's!
It is a tragedy. So many innocent people, misled to believe there might be a "Main Bid", but finding no bids at all, main, secondary, or even tertiary. Dreams washed away like so many legs of neglected uppercase L's. God help us.

Friday, May 07, 2010

ONlY 99¢

I help an elderly man named Bob in the neighborhood with his grocery shopping at Key Foods on 7th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  He's quite finicky, and devoutly sticks to a select few brands of food items.  Over the last 40 years in this neighborhood, Bob has refined his taste, and knows exactly what he likes and dislikes.  He doesn't like Wise, claims they are the worst chips ever, with a far higher "brown spot" ratio than most other brands.  And forget chips with ridges, they hurt his gums!  So when it comes to Potatoe Chips ONlY 99¢, Bob insists of Utz Onion & Garlic.  But if Bob could only see this sign, he might just go for the Wise.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Now we're talking.  This sign for EXClUSIVe PARKING is a prime example of a misleading lowercase L.  Submitted by the Glatfelter Co-op, discovered near Manuel Antonio National Park while on vacation in Costa Rica, the lowercase L is exactly the same height as the uppercase i's and other uppercase letters, making it somewhat confusing to read.  Bonus points for the EXClUSIVe lowercase e.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

ROll CAll

This doesn't really have anything to do with lowercase L, I just wanted to share something else I do with my life. ROll CAll is a cartoon I made for the Aniboom Awards 4 Sesame Street animation contest. Pass it along if you like it, and sign up to rate it if you love it!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Adam Wells with the lowercase L's! Known for his photographic fabrications and more relevant receipts, the special effects wizard had this to say about his recent find:
This one's not cut and dry William, as there are a few offenders in there and a mish-mash of upper and lower. But I still find them guilty as charged...

avaiLaBLe all aFTERNOON

The sign in question is located outside the overpriced yet thoroughly satisfying Greedies Cafe in Isleworth, West London. It may fall foul of your strict rules and regulations, but thought you should cast your eye across it.

Mazeltov on your engagement by the way, lovely news.

All the best,

These milkshakes certainly would not bring me to the yard.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Lizzie V. directs us the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where Empty Netters columnist, Seth Rorabaugh, not only caught this improperly used lowercase L, but he calls it out to his readers with a parenthetical caption to the photo above, stating:
(That might be "BLACKEN" now that we think about it, but why isn't the "L" upper-case?)
And, as if to call even more attention to the atrocity, he underlines the offending word in red.

I'm not even sure what BlACKEN the Blues is referring to. Does this all have to do with hockey? Because here at lowercase L, we don't know much about hockey or the sticks it's played with. After all, they're shaped kind of like this: L