Tuesday, December 02, 2014


By now everyone and their mother—and their grandmother—has seen the YouTube viral video sensation "Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time," in which three adorable grandmas try marijuana in the state of Washington, where recreational cannabis use is now legal. In a memorable moment of the experiment, one of the giggly ganja grandmas tries to explain that she isn't stoned yet, carefully stating "I DON'T FEEl TO ME AS HIGH AS THEY LOOK TO ME." As with all good things on the Internet, the comment soon became a meme, and the accompanying graphic is currently being dissected on Reddit.

Interestingly, at the time of this post, the top Reddit comment notes "The 'L' seems off." Further down the thread, another Reddit contributor "Hemmerly" chimes in, "Only non capital letter. Driving me nuts."

Hemmerly, I KNOW THAT FEEL BRO. I devoted an entire blog to that feel bro.

Reddit user Nickleeee explains, "It's a capital I, rather than a lowercase L."

Realizing the mind-blowing and possibly detrimental effect that the lowercase L can have on a stoned individual, Reddit user ItsNotWhereItWas finally proclaims "Fixed it," replacing the lowercase l with a capital L, and not a moment too soon.

Now, I have some questions for the Reddit community, in case they stumble upon this post.

First, was the creator of the original advice animal meme high when he wrote the text?

Also, as far as I know, some meme generators will not allow you to write with lowercase letters, so the author may have either intentionally or mistakenly used an uppercase i. Was this intentional or accidental?

And, if it was intentional, was it meant to bend the minds of the stoned? If it was accidental, was the error noticed before posting as-is to Reddit? If so, why? Or was the error only noticed after being pointed out by the Reddit community? And if that's the case, WHY?

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I usually write smart-ass commentary on the lowercase L photos submitted by readers, but in this case Holly Jenson and her programmer friend did fine on their own.
A friend of mine pointed out that, while we might assume that the intended word is "small," it could also very well be "smail" (an electronic mail transport protocol) or "smali" (an assembler for Java on the Android platform), "Java" being, of course, a slang term for coffee. Perhaps the Roseburg MacD's is actually offering up an Egg McMuffin with an embedded Java VM assembler, and for only $4.80! 
 Bonus points for the DOUBlE l! Or, smarties Holly and friend, is that actually binary for 3?