Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mass. lUNACY

Sweet Tally! from Massachusetts submits this primo example of lowercase L signage. Taken in front of a produce farmer's market, this could be the most stunning case of L-lunacy yet. Not one, but two of the three L's stick out like a sore i. And this is not just a simple case of using a lowercase L just to save canvas real estate, since, for reasons I cannot begin to explain, the author intentionally left ample kerning space where the phantom lower limb of an uppercase L should have been drawn. Did this foolish farmer plan on penning them in later, like those folks who dot their handwritten i's all in one sweep? Or is this more proof that a subtle yet widespread mental disorder is going untreated, on a path to becoming a psychological pandemic?

Until further investigation, stay clear of the APPlES and FlOWERS.