Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I wouldn't have known the significance of SUlfA AllERGY NO BlEPHAMIDE without looking it up first, but it's apropos that these photos were taken at an eye surgery operating room.  Dr. Rich L., an eye doctor in New York, couldn't believe his own eyes:
A few days after a bunch of us at work were looking at the lowercase l blog at lunch, I noticed this sign in our operating room (photo attached). It is on a cart of medicines we use after eye surgery.

Anyway, I haven't yet pointed it out to my colleagues on the off-chance that I could convince you to post it, and then I can show it to them as part of the blog. This would give me great pleasure. Of course, the sign would not be funny to anyone but us, so I understand if it doesn't make the cut.
Shortly after sending the first photo, Dr. Rich reported back with a shocking update:
So I was in our other OR today, and the same person (I'm assuming) posted a very similar sign. In a stunning reversal, however, the last word now has an upper case L, or at least a lower case L that is starting to sprout the horizontal bar, and the rest of the letters are lower case!
The author of these labels clearly needs to see an i doctor.  Which may be hard to distinguish from a lowercase L doctor.


DJ said...

I'm a big fan of lowercase l, William, and am greatly impressed with your lowercase l typing skills. This is the first time I noticed you missed a couple. The word ALLERGY in the first sentence should be AllERGY. (It's hard to do even in a short, stupid comment like this.) I don't think we need to keep this comment open once the post has been fixed. Thanks and keep making my day.

William Levin said...

Got it, thanks, DJ!