Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Adam Wells with the lowercase L's! Known for his photographic fabrications and more relevant receipts, the special effects wizard had this to say about his recent find:
This one's not cut and dry William, as there are a few offenders in there and a mish-mash of upper and lower. But I still find them guilty as charged...

avaiLaBLe all aFTERNOON

The sign in question is located outside the overpriced yet thoroughly satisfying Greedies Cafe in Isleworth, West London. It may fall foul of your strict rules and regulations, but thought you should cast your eye across it.

Mazeltov on your engagement by the way, lovely news.

All the best,

These milkshakes certainly would not bring me to the yard.


Rimpy Rimpington said...

I had to stare at what I thought was the word "suce" for a moment, trying to figure out what that could be, before I realized it was "slice" with 'l' and 'u' run together. This is why comic books avoid using the word "flick".

Anonymous said...

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