Sunday, May 02, 2010


Lizzie V. directs us the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where Empty Netters columnist, Seth Rorabaugh, not only caught this improperly used lowercase L, but he calls it out to his readers with a parenthetical caption to the photo above, stating:
(That might be "BLACKEN" now that we think about it, but why isn't the "L" upper-case?)
And, as if to call even more attention to the atrocity, he underlines the offending word in red.

I'm not even sure what BlACKEN the Blues is referring to. Does this all have to do with hockey? Because here at lowercase L, we don't know much about hockey or the sticks it's played with. After all, they're shaped kind of like this: L

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DJ said...

Lots of inspiration for new blogs here. Lost Letter Spaces. Superfluous Serifs. Unnecessary Underscores. But, yeah, GOPENS!