Thursday, July 31, 2008


An impromptu bike ride into Red Hook, Brooklyn with Jesse turned up one of the rarest lowercase L finds ever. Sure we've seen plenty of double lowercase L's, as with this FAll SPECIAl and the LAST CAll. But never, NEVER, have I witnessed a lowercase L, followed immediately by an uppercase L, and then an uppercase i that, upon consideration, was likely dotted because something just didn't seem right. Did the author realize that the lowercase L was a mistake, so he tried recovering with an uppercase L? And then, a few days later, did some other employee, irked by the juxtaposition of the lowercase L and uppercase i, decide to dot the i? We may never know. Thank you, Viva, the quaint Tex Mex restaurant on SUlLIVAN Street, for setting this wonderful example. I thought Red Hook was isolated enough to be immune to the lowercase L syndrome, but apparently the affects are more widespread than I ever could have imagined.

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Harris said...

You mean the effects. Signs abound with affect/effect confusion, if you are looking to branch out.