Monday, July 16, 2007


KevPod from Arcata, California submits this disturbing newspaper ad clipping and wonders:
What rational explanation could there be for having a lowercase and uppercase L in the same word?

It couldn't have been a space issue - there's room for the capital L in the middle. Was the person in a hurry? Or just CIUELESS?

Yes, it looks like the copy editor was in a hurry. But he probably didn't forget to capitalize this first L in AVAlABLE. Rather, it looks like he left the entire L out of AVAILABLE. A visually stunning example, nonetheless!


BoggyWoggy said...

Hmmm...actually, this is a misspelled word. See "available." Not really lowercase L, but still a good one to catch our attention! The editor should be fired for leaving out the "L."

Finnie Family said...

Definitely a case of bad spelling rather than a genuine lowercase L.
Even so the proof reader should be taken out and shot at dawn.

Unknown said...

Yes, I too believe that he simply left out the first 'L'..

Anonymous said...

There you go again assuming that all unknown people are MALE-- assturd.

Your site sucks. Entitled shit.