Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I want to thank Rich Magahiz for submitting one of the most perfect examples of confusing lowercase L use I have seen in a while. Found in Bergenfield, NJ, 59 cents per pound for BARTlET pears is a great price, assuming you haven't already lost your appetite at the sight of this grocer's inclusion of an illegal lowercase L.

In his e-mail, Richard also posed the question, "I am wondering why someone hasn't made a lowercase i site, for signs where all the letters are capitals, but there's a dot over each I." Well, photos of lowercase i's might make for a fun blog, but the reason we do not focus on that anomaly is because, even though the use of lowercase i's within all uppercase letters is an odd writing style, it is not confusing to read. The lowercase i cannot be mistaken for any other letter, unlike the lowercase L, which can look like an uppercase i, or even the number 1.


Julie Smith said...

oops--it's anomaly--not "anomoly" which of course, is an ANOMAlY for your blog!

Love your blog!

Identity Crisis said...

I'm stunned! I haven't noticed the lower case habit/error around here. I must go hunting.

Anonymous said...

What about apostrophe's in the wrong place?

Amber Cargile said...

I think this grocery worker also misspelled the name of the should be BARTLETT, with two "T's"