Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Key to lUNCH

If you're looking for a good deal on good eats in Brooklyn, now's the time to Dine in Brooklyn for Restaurant Week, when participating restaurants are offering lunch and dinner on a prix fixe menu of just $21.12.

But if you are looking for consistency and clarity when it comes to the letter L, this is not the week for you. Today I received the Spring issue of Best of Brooklyn, a newsletter from our Borough President, Marty Markowitz. I happen to be a fan of Marty, and I'm sure the following lowercase L offense did not happen under his watchful eye.

Take a look at the key to dining in Brooklyn. It is very simple, with an orange uppercase D for Dinner, and a green uppercase L for Lunch:

The key: Green Uppercase L = Serving Lunch

All the restaurant listings stick to the key in the printed edition, until you get to Bermuda Restaurant:

lowercase L for Lunch at Bermuda?

What happened here? As I perused the restaurant listings, I got to this entry and wondered what green uppercase "i" stood for. Did it stand for "inexpensive"? Does it mean lunch is half off? Looks like ships aren't the only thing that go missing in Bermuda. So do the bottoms of uppercase L's.

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