Thursday, April 06, 2006

Take my L ... PlEASE!

Submitted by way of friend of a friend, Shep passed this photo onto Simon, who delivered the goods to me. Taken in Williamsburg, this super example of lowercase L is as good as they get. PlEASE TAKE WHAT YOU WANT comes across as more of an existential message, beckoning, "Draw your own conclusions about why I may have written all these letters in the upper case, except for the L". I cannot begin to fathom the thought process, or lack thereof, while this sign was being constructed. Maybe the L was an afterthought, squeezed in after the rest of the letters were already written? Or maybe there are just so many signs out there that spell PlEASE this way that the author thought it was correct.

PlEASE TAKE a moment to share your thoughts below.

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