Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fair thee CHIGWEll

Naomi said this about this lowercase L sign above, found Down Under (I know, confusing, but you must look up to see it):
I spotted this sign on the side of the Brooker Highway in Hobart, Australia. About a month after I snapped this pic someone crashed into the sign and it was removed forever. I have no idea what FCM stands for but Chigwell is the name of a suburb.
A quick Google Search turned up a Facebook Fan Page for FCM CHIGWEll, which stands for Fresh Central Markets and Fresh Country Markets.  Just look at that unnecessarily serifed uppercase i, those extra lines at the top and bottom of the i could have been used to make both L's uppercase!  Apparently the use of the double lowercase L hasn't helped business much — according to their website, FCM are currently in voluntary liquidation.

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ruzzel01 said...

It's what makes it perfect. Kudos to all the people involved.