Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Lowercase L Depot

Lowercase L regular contributor Rimpy Rimpington returns with more tragedy from The Home Depot. When asked about the source of these lowercase L offenses, like the WASHERlESS Kitchen Faucet, and the BlOWER/TRIMMER below, Rimpy explained:

There is more than one HD associate responsible for those signs, because they come from two different stores. I do know one sign maker who sometimes uses the lowercase L, but I'm afraid to question her about it. If anyone at those stores got a hint I've been mercilessly blogging (or contributing to blogs) about them, I might be in big trouble. Besides, if they stopped doing it, a steady source of bloggable material would dry up.

Either way, Rimpy, we appreciate your dedication to the cause. Like any good anthropologist, you are making the right choice to not interfere with this natural psychological phenomenon.

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