Sunday, August 09, 2009

VINElAND: A Homecoming

So this is where it all began, with the bountiful YARD SAlE of Vineland, NJ. I went home to stay with my parents for the weekend, for my high school 20 year reunion, graduating class of 1989. As a child, I recall seeing signs for YARD SAlES throughout the neighborhood, and being slightly bothered by the single lowercase L within all uppercase lettered words. I shrugged it off because I figured it was just a local thing. But as I got older, I began to recognize that this was not an isolated event. It was more widespread than I imagined. And through this blog, we've discovered, together, that the lowercase L phenomenon transcends not only time, but lands and languages as well. As you can see, these signs were written in 2009, considered modern times by most standards. But the lowercase L in SAlE remains the same, as if stuck in 1979. Below, even QUAIl is a big FAIl.

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