Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Gary C is back with another FREEZE FRAME FIlM FIND. This miniature playing card, stuck to the bottom of a beer mug in The Prestige wasn't easy to find, especially since I was fast forwarding through the movie specifically to find it, based on Gary's tip. I resorted to searching for the term "card" in the movie script I found online, then honed in on that five second bit based on listening for the dialogue around it, and corresponding that dialogue to the script.

Screenshot taken around 01:35:15. The scene unfolds as written in the movie script on page 100:

Cutter is finishing his meal at the bar. He goes to take a swig from his pint and FREEZES- at the bottom of the glass: A PLAYING CARD. He looks around the bar. No one he recognizes. He reaches into the glass.

Cutter pulls out the card- an ADDRESS is written up one side.
And for the cartophiles out there, here is the actual 230 AlDWYCH, LONDON, where the restaurant Thai Square can be found:

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