Monday, February 09, 2009

WORlD of Warcraft

This may be one of the nerdiest examples of a misused lowercase L I've seen to date ... and that's coming from a guy who runs a blog about lowercase L's improperly used amidst all uppercase letters. Found by Eric R., he writes:
Okay, I realize this isn't an actual SIGN, but I thought it was funny when playing World of Warcraft that someone in dire need of assistance took the time to caps every letter, save the "L" (and the same day I had first come across your site, no less)

You're wrong about one thing, Eric. This is a sign. A sign of terrible things to come. God HElP us all.


Rimpy Rimpington said...

In his panic, he probably just hit upper case I instead of upper case L.

world of warcraft gold said...

good post :p