Monday, September 15, 2008


"lIl Wayne" spotted this graffiti on a public television news broadcast, WYIN in northwest Indiana, and muses that the BlOODS gang doesn't seem nearly as menacing when written this way. I'm sure the Crips will have a field day with this one.


RichM said...

And what, they didn't have any red spray paint? I'm thinking this was done by an impostor.

Kirk said...

thank you for this blog. Just gonna book mark this under sites about how fucking stupid people are. Next to

Frustratertainment at its finest!

Every weekend I drive past this hand made Yard Zale sign. Is there a blog for homemade signs with backwards N's and S's ?

William Levin said...

Hehe, I thought your spelling "" was intentional, like the URL was ironic. But it was just a spelling error, which was also ironic.

Kirk said...

i like my typing like I like my women, fast and spelled wrong!