Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Fellow blogger from complainaway took a photo of this tee-shirt in a head shop, and the store owner came running out to protest. Was he embarrassed because GOD IS COMING, but this shirt is not worthy of His greatness, because it uses a lowercase L improperly? This kind of ungodly error is what happens when you try to lOOK BUSY, but really aren't.


Katherine Of It All said...

Do you know how many people my husband has mentioned your blog to?


He feels your pain.

Anonymous said...

To have been made it onto a T-shirt this one must have passed under a dozen pairs of eyes from drawing board to whatever machine they use to put stuff on T-shirts. None of them wanted to point this one out? It's especially offensive when done in block capitals like that.

Side note: Does anyone ever buy these T-shirts? I see them being sold at farmer's markets but never do I see anyone wear them.

Spinning Girl said...

I think this phenomenon is spreading.

Lucille said...

LOVE it!

Do you mind if I put a link on my page to your page?

Xjs said...

Hey, there's not only written "lOOK BUSY", but even "l00K BUSY" (with zeroes), as in 1337speak. Oh, I'd burn it! (However, I'm satanic anyway ;-))

royalbert867 said...

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