Tuesday, October 16, 2007

PlAYING On The Bridge

There's more than just troubled water under the bridge in this fine lowercase L example, found by Nikki at Branch Mouth in San Ignacio, Cayo District of Belize, Central America. PlAYiNG on the Bridge is clearly not allowed, but apparently hiring sign writers with dysgraphia is. The author may have tried to balance the lowercase L with a lowercase i, but it's too little too late.


pdberger said...

I thought they only counted if all the letters are uppercase except the l?

I only mention this bacuase I saw a very nice lowercase l at the weekend and ignored it because some other words used lowercase letters.

Shall I run out with my camera and tripod tomorrow?

William Levin said...

Paul, yes, ideally the words should be all uppercase except for the L. But sometimes even with other lowercase letters in the word, the lowercase L still looks confusingly like an uppercase I, as with this photo, so I'll post it.

Blue said...

I actually thought it said PlAYINE. The 'g' is rather vaguely formed.

Anonymous said...

Why are the last two L's uppercase if the first isn't? This sign is just pure madness.