Friday, August 17, 2007

Who the L are You?

Whoooooooo Are You? Who Who? Who Who? Lowercase L reader Gary C. found this rare The Who promo album from Japan, replete with spelling errors and letter case inconsistencies. Besides adding an extra D to Pete Townshend for TOWNSHEDND, we have not one, but two misused lowercase L's in ROGER DAlTREY and JOHN ENTWISTlE, making this rare album even more rare! Keith Moon, you may have died young, but you lucked out on this album cover, being the only member whose name was written correctly.


Ben said...

But the rendering of "THE WHO" bristles with standard orthographic awfulness, without misspellings or lower-case L infractions.

jspencer said...

wow, what a find!

DRN said...

John EndTwistTie?