Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Marring MARYlAND

Submitted by Spinning Girl:
While not a hand-written sign, I just had to send you this! 8th grade students at my school had to do posters on an assigned state. Why would they make every latter capital, except for the L?!?!? Although I know that these cutout letter kits come with two L's in them, and maybe they already used them up on a poster about Illinois.

SG, if you can, try to find out if the kids did run out of uppercase L's before they could assemble MARYlAND. If they did have enough L's and simply chose to use the lowercase, we can assuredly blame the American education system.

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Spinning Girl said...

I finally had a chance to ask, and indeed the "L's" had been used elsewhere! Alas, young Johnny had lITTlE choice.